Event: Preparing for an international career 2022-2023

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This specialised Career Workshop will entail some of the best insights for PhD students aiming for careers at the United Nations or other International Organisations. Does making a difference motivate you? Are you driven to be a part of a bigger purpose in the service of humanity? Eager to pursue a career in the international labor market and international institutions? Are you the type of person who will travel and work in different countries? Do you thrive in an environment that is truly international and multi-cultural, which respects as well as promotes diversity and functions at its best through the efforts of teams of different people? You wonder what skill set and competencies to bring along? In this workshop, participants will receive an introduction to the United Nations and other international institutions, learn about different types of profiles accessible with PhD + skills needed, get to know career tracks of PhD holders across different international organisations (UN, World bank, OECD, IMF…) and receive information on junior tracks, including eligibility + recruitment process. Participants will learn how to write a motivation letter and CV for international careers and how to best prepare for oral and written tests and interviews.


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Preparing for an international career 2022-2023

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05-06-2023 09:00 - 06-06-2023 16:00


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05-06-2023 09:00 - 06-06-2023 16:00

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