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Nasser Road/ Political Posters in Uganda by Kristof Titeca.
Koen Vlassenroot ( CRG) in Conversation with Kristof Titeca ( IOB,  UAntwerp)


This volume is a tribute to political posters from Nasser Road, Uganda. It is both an ethnographic exploration of the street producing the posters, as an art publication, presenting both the posters, and photographically documenting the street.

Nasser Road is nicknamed ‘Uganda’s Silicon Valley’, and is also a byword for creative and fraudulent paperwork; from identity cards to university degrees, a convincing replica of just about any official document can be acquired in Nasser Road. The book however mainly pays attention to one of the street’s most commercially successful products, a constantly-updated series of posters depicting politicians and well-known personalities as superheroes. These locally-created icons feature images of prominent figures such as Saddam Hussein, Osama Bin Laden or Muammar Gaddafi, each transformed into RoboCop-like figures, ready for combat. The artworks are both decorative and political, telling the story of the common man’s struggle against the might of Western imperialism, with international villains celebrated as anti-heroes. In doing so, the publication unravels the various levels of meanings of the posters, and the ways in which they portray these ‘icons of dissent’.

The book includes photographs by Badru KatumbaZahara Abdul, and Titeca, and is accompanied by a number of columns from playwright and essayist Yusuf Serunkuma.

 Dr. Kristof Titeca is a full professor/Hoogleraar at the Institute of Development Policy at Antwerp University. His works lie at the intersection of political science, development –  and area – studies, and rely heavily on field research.He obtained his PhD in Political Sciences at Ghent University (Conflict Research Group, 2007). He was a visiting fellow at the London School of Economics, and Makerere University

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