Event: Research integrity and data - Data custodianship and the role of the researcher

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When it comes to publishing in academic journals, different factors play a role in choosing the right journal (impact factor, time required for review process etc.). Moreover, researchers are more and more confronted with the existence of predatory journals. In this seminar, guidance is given to PhD students on how to go through the process of scientific publishing. This is also put in the broader perspective of research integrity. An international speaker (NN), editor of a scientific journal, will be invited to specifically discuss the issue of predatory journals.

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Researchers work with data. Data about phenomena, data about evolutions and often data about individuals. You may be collecting data directly from research participants; perhaps you are collecting data from existing data sets, and the identity of the research participants is trivial to you. You may be adopting hypothesis-driven methodologies, or you may be exploring a discovery-driven method. You may be working with data collected in a trial setting; perhaps you are working with data already collected in the real world. In every situation, you are the custodian of the data whilst they are used for your research. You will need to acknowledge the regulatory framework that applies to data. This session focuses on the regulatory and policy requirements for working with data in a research context. We explain your responsibility as custodian of the dataset you are working with. We train your skills to distinguish personal data from non-personal data. And last but not least, we zoom in on particular requirements for using big data.

Campus UZ (exact room to be announced)

08-02-2024 12:00 - 13:30