Event: Intercultural Competences: navigating foreign academic cultures 2022-2023

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Lots of PhD students come from another country, and several Belgian PhD students work in an intercultural environment and will themselves go abroad later.

In this 1 day interactive course we explore how academic cultures are different and what helps you to work in a global team. The workshop uses a simulation game and the interculturality in the group.


On the program:

- exchange about doing a PhD in Belgium

- global teams simulation game

- making university profiles and adapting to them


You get the opportunity to look up your own personal profile according to the 8 cultural dimensions of Erin Meyer (INSEAD Business School).


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Registration for "Intercultural Competences: navigating foreign academic cultures 2022-2023": 16 February 2023

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16-02-2023 09:00 - 17:00


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