Event: Stadsacademie Lunchtalk "Rehearsing Utopia: Participatory arts, democratic cultures, and food" by Malaika Cunningham

Registration via https://event.ugent.be/registration/Lunchtalk from 05-02-2024 09:25 until 25-03-2024 09:00


Over a communal meal, Malaika will share her research on the role of performance and food in building a deliberative political culture. This research is based on the premise that democracy is key to facing the wicked problems of our time – perhaps most importantly that of sustainable transitions, and that the arts has a key role to play in strengthening and deepening a democratic culture. Drawing on case studies from her own practice, Malaika will explore the democratic opportunities and limitations afforded by participatory performance installations and food-based events. 

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Green Hub, Sint-Pietersnieuwstraat 33

26-03-2024 12:00 - 14:00



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