Event: Streaming Optimised Scientific Software: an Introduction to EESSI

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Tue 5 Dec 2023, 12:30-16:00 UTC (14:30-16:30 CET)


Have you ever wished that all the scientific software you use was available on all the resources you had access to, without having to go through the pain of getting them installed the way you want/need?

The European Environment for Scientific Software Installations (EESSI – pronounced “easy”) is a common stack of scientific software installations for HPC systems and beyond, including laptops, personal workstations and cloud infrastructure. In many ways it works like a streaming service for scientific software, instantly giving you the software you need, when you need it, and compiled to work efficiently for the architecture you have access to.

In this tutorial, we’ll explain what EESSI is, how it is being designed, how to get access to it, and how to use it.
We’ll give a number of demonstrations and also give access to a resource where you can try EESSI out for yourself.


See also https://hpc-portal.eu/node/1831

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Streaming scientific software: an introduction to EESSI

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05-12-2023 14:30 - 16:30


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