Event: Webinar: Copyright for the academic author​

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As an author, you automatically become rights holder of the copyright on your publication. These rights consist of moral rights, which you can waive but not transfer, and economic rights, which you can transfer. In the publishing world it is almost inevitable that you transfer your copyright to the publisher, which can be a barrier to make your publication available in open access. Finding your way in the copyright and licensing landscape can be daunting and difficult. Authors who aren’t lawyers may not know exactly what the possibilities are in retaining (some) of these rights or requesting a change in the publisher's contract. 

On the other hand, you are also a user of other people's work. You may want to use an image in your work or refer to other people's work. What are you allowed to do and for which use do you need to ask for permission?

This session will give you a broad overview of copyright in the context of research.

Topics we will address include:

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Copyright for the academic author​


30-05-2023 01:00 - 02:00