Event: Grow to lead 2022-2023

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A starting leader will learn the simple rule, to write down how you want to be lead, and then apply the same strategy for your employee’s. A great leader will learn that there are many different leadership styles and each style has its most opportune moment to use. The opportune moments depend on the situation and the employee. Do you know what style works best for your colleagues? Do you know what your personal preferred style is, and how it is being perceived by your  colleagues / students / employees?


This training starts with a leadership survey, self-identifying your personal style and receiving feedback from your colleagues on your style. Next we will cover the different leadership styles and when to apply them. For the 3 most important styles, we will go step by step when and how to used them. Putting theory in practice. Last we will cover how to recognize which personality types you have in your organisation and how you can best adapt your leadership style to empower your colleagues the most. Great leaders play chess, not checkers. Greatness of a leader is not measured by your personal success, but by the success of the people around you, by having interacted with you.

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