Event: Meet the PhD jury - Dr. Anna Schweiger - University of Zurich, Switzerland

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Public seminar by Dr. Anna Schweiger followed by Q&A and open discussion.


Remote sensing provides the only way to monitor Earth’s biodiversity continuously and repeatedly across large spatial extends. With space agencies investing in sensor fleets
specifically designed to monitor and assess biodiversity and ecosystem health, we have now, for the first time, the opportunity to design global monitoring systems to detect early
signs of ecosystem change. Given the urgency to halt biodiversity loss, it is more important than ever to understand which aspects of biodiversity satellite systems can track. This
requires the integration of remote sensing and ecological theory and methods across spatial, temporal, and biological scales. In this talk, I am going to highlight remote sensing of
biodiversity with a focus on vegetation spectroscopy. I will present the use of spectrometers across spatial scales (from leaves to individual plants and plant communities); applications of imaging spectroscopy for mapping plant traits, plant community composition, and the detection of plant species and disease; and examples of linking plant diversity to the diversity of other organism groups (from microbes to ungulates). Spectroscopy not only allows modeling, predicting, and mapping several aspects of biodiversity continuously and repeatedly, it also brings together ecology, biodiversity science and remote sensing which is critical at this time of rapid global change.


Anna SCHWEIGER | Scientist | PhD | ETH Zurich, Zürich | ETH Zürich | Department of Environmental Systems Science | Research profile (researchgate.net)

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Meet the PhD jury - Dr. Anna Schweiger - University of Zurich, Switzerland

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