Event: Data sharing using repositories

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Increasingly, research data are recognized as first class research output. At Ghent University, with the introduction of the new policy on scholarly publishing, the deposit of research data in data repositories is a prerequisite to the registration of these data in Biblio. Thereby, a comprehensive overview of the research data generated by UGent researchers is created.  

How can you publish your research data and can you make the data openly available?  What are data repositories and how do you use them to share and preserve research data? 

In this info session on data sharing using repositories, you will be introduced to the value of data sharing and the role of data repositories. We will explain how data repositories enable you to share research data so that the data can be easily found, accessed and understood by other researchers. We will give practical tips on data sharing, namely on what to share, where and how to share data and on possible restrictions on data sharing. 

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Data sharing using repositories


15-12-2022 15:00 - 16:00