Event: Turning research data into powerful visuals 2022-2023

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The learning objectives for this course are as follows:


1. Identifying a relevant message in a (research related) dataset.

2. Adapting and optimising this message for visual communication to a specific target group.

3. Designing graphics that meet specific challenges within scientific research: representing uncertainty, conveying objectivity.

4. Designing graphics that fit the specific form of scientific communication: oral and poster presentations, scientific articles, popular scientific articles, blogs and social media posts, doctoral thesis.

5. Knowledge of the different basic types of graphs (bar chart, line chart, pie chart and scatter diagram) and when to use them or not.

6. Knowledge of some lesser known chart types, and be able to evaluate when to use or not to use them for a specific dataset.

7. Being able to format tables clearly and attractively.

8. Knowledge of the workflow and techniques for preparing a dataset for visualization, and for converting it to a graph.

9. Being able to add elements to make a graph as clear and effective as possible: use of colours, icons, data labels and legends.

10. Formulating an appropriate title and caption to support the message of the graphic.

11. Knowledge about the possibilities of making a graphic interactive, and which tools can be used for this.


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