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You are the most valuable tool you have available to you, but who knows what you have accomplished so far and what you are able to achieve in the future? Albert Einstein  became famous, not just because he was brilliant, but because he actively invested in self-marketing to enable his theories to be known to a broad audience. So how do you build your personal brand, and how can you leverage the digital tools available to us, to start building your brand online. The literature is clear, LinkedIn and social media are abundantly used by recruiters. But these tools cannot only help job seekers, they can boost your academic career as well, via growing visibility and building a strong network.

In this training we will work on your personal brand, bases on a number of assessment tools and with the help of feedback from friends, colleagues and family. Next we will explore all the modern tools available to you for building your online image, for any form of branding. We will go in-depth on how to optimize your LinkedIn profile, by learning how the candidate profile search algorithm of LinkedIn works, and how you can optimize your profile accordingly. Last we will explore several strategies to start growing your network online.


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