Event: Training How-to Biblio: training registration of data in Biblio (Advanced EN)

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In Biblio, you register your publications and research data, linked to your staff profile and department, and possibly to a project. You establish relationships between data and publications. Consequently, data flow to external services such as FRIS, OpenAIRE and the European Commission's reporting portal.

In this session, we will give you general information about Biblio and demonstrate how to register research data. We explain how to properly describe your research datasets, inform you on the prerequisites for registration of data in Biblio and present the data curation services available at UGent.

Target audience: this session is intended for those who want to register data in Biblio and want to get an insight into each step.

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Training How-to Biblio: basic training registration of data in Biblio (data EN)

online - link will be provided

01-02-2023 14:00 - 16:00