Event: SSHT "(Open) Access to scholarly information: the opportunities and pitfalls "

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Unlock the potential of scholarly knowledge at Ghent University with this engaging session! Delve into the vast world of research information, where some treasures are only to subscribers, while others remain hidden. Fortunately, a wealth of knowledge is already accessible through open access channels!

Join us as we navigate the landscape of open science, exploring the optimal methods for openly sharing your research and discovering reliable scholarly information, with a special emphasis on openly available research.

In this session, you will:


Grab this opportunity to enhance your research journey and contribute to the open exchange of knowledge!

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By Inge van Nieuwerburgh (UGent, Open Science)

Location: FEB Campus, Building Tweekerken, 2nd Floor, Faculty Board Room

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SSHT "Open Science"

FEB, Campus Tweekerken, Building Tweekerken, 2nd Floor, Faculty Board Room

20-02-2024 10:30 - 12:00



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